The meals are customized to fulfill all the dietary requirements of each individual dog depending on breed, age and level of activity.

The home cooked meals are primarily gluten free and highly nutritious. They comprise of right combinations of meat and assorted veggies with herbs to provide just right amount of protein and fiber along with carbs and minerals. We do not add any preservatives or salt and sugar. All the recipes have been designed with careful articulation by a certified canine nutritionist and experienced veterinary doctor.

You can see visible difference like shiny and soft coat, less hair fall and high energy levels in your furry bundle of joy.   

We are currently offering following on our menu:

Chicken Regale

Mutton Feast

Veggie Treat

Vegan Delight

Ragi Malt meal / Oat Meal 

If you have a senior or diabetic dog or a nursing female, We would love to help you, drop us an email or call for customization.