1) Ingredients and Preservatives: - We use only human grade ingredients which include handpicked fresh vegetables from the farms, premium quality meats and. The herbs are of best quality. There are absolutely no preservatives added in the daily meals.  

2) Shelf Life:- The meals are fresh cooked with only intention of immediate consumption, hence we would not recommend storing it more than 24 hours. If the need be you may freeze the meal and utilize it 24 hours.

3) How meals at ToRi’s are helpful: The meals have been formulated to be highly nutritious. They are customized to fulfill the dietary requirements of the each individual dog according to the information provided by you regarding their day to day activities, age and weight.
Studies prove that consumption of fresh cooked food by a dog helps with strengthening the immune system, Longevity of life and reduction in the possibility of life threatening diseases like cancer. 

4) Feeding Guidelines:-  The meals would be pre-portioned and packed as per the requirements of the dog. All you have to do is just open the carton and serve.

5) Time of delivery:- The meals are usually cooked by 1500 and ready for delivery by 1630 to 1830 six days a week. Our kitchen and delivery does not operate on Sundays.

6) Can I ask my vet to validate the meals? Of course you can. However, we would like to inform you that the meals have been formulated by a certified canine nutritionist after consulting best veterinary doctors in Pune.   

7) Will you deliver at my place? We have delivery network all over Pune and some of PCMC areas. So you can name the place and we can check if we can cover it.

8) Is it necessary to fill the form? Yes, it is absolutely necessary to fulfill the form so that we can formulate and proportion the meal accordingly.

9) Allergies: ToRi’s meals consist of all natural ingredients of best quality. Thus it is hypoallergenic daily meal for your pet.

10) Logistics issues like change of address or change of delivery time. Please contact us on +91 90281 63088 to check possibility and procedure.